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28 Oktober 2018

Christian Sermons Romans 5: 12-21 | Grace

Christian Sermons Romans 5: 12-21 | Grace. One of the greatest and most glorious celebrations celebrated by believers is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from […]
29 Oktober 2018

Christian Sermons | Peace

Christian Sermons | Peace. We need to realize that it is not normal if our hearts were always to be blanketed by unease, sadness or […]
30 Oktober 2018

Christian Sermons | Become A Minimalist

Christian Sermons | Become A Minimalist. Minimalism is not for everyone. Not everyone is attracted to the concept of minimalism and there are many who […]
1 November 2018

Christian Sermons | Overcome Heartbreak

Christian Sermons | Overcome Heartbreak. One of the toughest experiences in life is the loss or death of a loved one. But as a believer […]
2 November 2018

Christian Sermons | The most Lucky woman

Christian Sermons | The most Lucky woman. Shalom. If you are a woman who possesses these things that I am about to mention, you are […]
3 November 2018

Christian Sermons Philippians 4: 8 | Thoughts, Feelings & Action

Christian Sermons Philippians 4:8 | Thoughts, Feelings & Action. Everyone has different life experiences. When I was young, I wish there was someone who could […]