Christian Sermons | The most Lucky woman

Christian Sermons | The most Lucky woman. Shalom. If you are a woman who possesses these things that I am about to mention, you are indeed blessed, because there are millions of women who have lived and died and has never experienced what you have today:

1. Someone who wipes away your tears.

To get to know and to live under the same roof with a person who has deep empathy and love towards you is an invaluable treasure. When a woman marries, one of her deepest longings is to have a person who will wipe away her tears, instead of a person who causes her to shed them.

But sadly, life in reality is not what we hoped for. For a lot of women, crying in a marriage happens often and for long periods of time. Years can pass by in a marriage, with the heart in pain and agony.

Therefore be careful about the person whom you marry, especially with one of a different faith. God wants everyone to learn and understand about the basic emotional needs of women. If you don’t, you might find that marriage will be very tough.

For that reason blessed are those women who are protected from tempestuous relationships, and who have met men who not only wipe away their tears but also protect them from needless pain. Even before you shed a single tear, he is always there, ready to wipe away your tears.

2. Someone who heals the hurts in your heart.

The main purpose of marriage is to beget spiritual children. Without God’s help and grace, this task, added onto other tasks and responsibilities, can shatter and destroy anyone. People are vulnerable towards physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual fatigue.

But you would be very blessed if there was someone who is able to bandage your hurts, because there are too many women out there who are suffering and bleeding but no one cares or wants to heal them. Ideally, a couple should be able to heal the partner’s heart, not to hurt or make life miserable for the other person.

3. Someone who provides for you.

Women and children need to eat and have their everyday needs met. Without those needs met, they go through life in poverty and lack. It is difficult and agonizing when food has to be rationed. That is why a man who provides for his family does a service for them that spans his whole life.

This is the reason why women and children need to give the highest respect to the men who provide for them because without them, women will be too overwhelmed. Blessed are the women who are cared for in this special way and receive provision from their husbands.

4. Someone who prioritizes you.

To wipe away your tears, to heal the hurts in your hearts and to provide for your daily needs are signs that this person prioritizes you above all else, even himself. Someone who can do all these things are rare and very scarce. He is of extraordinary calibre, one in a thousand. If you have a person like this, your life is very blessed.

But it is alright even if you do not. Don’t expect or fantasize too much to avoid disappointment and brokenheartedness. This type of men is in the image of God because God constantly does all these aforementioned things. God is your shield and the true hero of your life. May joy and the peace of Christ be in your marriage and life. Amen.


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