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Christian Sermons | Peace. We need to realize that it is not normal if our hearts were always to be blanketed by unease, sadness or confusion and an assortment of negative emotions. If our hearts are always lacking in peace, it will be good for us to understand the cause of it.

In my opinion one of the things that can alienate a person from the peace of God is when s/he becomes obsessed by something or someone who doesn’t come from God. In other words, if we want to live in longlasting peace, we shouldn’t let ourselves be obsessed by anything or anyone that doesn’t come from God.

What does it mean for a person to be obsessed?

If a person thinks about or talks about something or someone excessively it could be deemed as obsession. His/her mind and heart is haunted by and filled with thoughts of that someone. His/her mind is captured and held hostage.

For example, pornography, adultery, infidelity, all kinds of addictions and certain sins are all types of obsession and it drives away peace from a person’s heart and mind.

I would like to address other things that rob us of our peace and that is when we are obsessed with the future in a negative sense, be it our own future or the futures of persons that we love.

When we hear bad news and obsess over them, or are obsessed by material goods that are luxurious and expensive, obsessed with many different wants, obsessed with love or hate, obsessed with money, or business or with problems that cause endless fears and anxieties, obsessed over guilt or obsession over the past.

That is why if there is a recurring thought that disturbs our hearts and minds, be mindful of it and do not let it become an obsession for us. Let’s disconnect ourselves from that which has the potential to cause obsession in us.

People who follow the Christian faith understand and comprehend God’s heart as to why He was wiling to lay down His life. If our earthly parents love us enough to want peace for us, what more the Lord. He is on our side, He is not against us and He never plans evil for us.

That is why we should live in peace and serenity. Cheerfulness, laughter and happiness should adorn our daily lives. Jesus who is the source of everything good, wants us to take from Him as much peace as we can for ourselves and our family. It is our Father’s will that we live in continuous and neverending peace.

There are three biblical aspects to peace:

1. Peace with God

Can only be received by people who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ’s finished and perfect work on the cross.

2. Peace from God

Is that which Apostle Paul talks about in his introductions to his epistles. He reminds us that peace is a grace and a gift from God.

3. The peace of God in Phil. 4: 7

The peace of God that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. The word “guard” is a military action, as the peace of God works as an army ready to protect our hearts and minds from possible threats.

It surpasses all understanding and is beyond our ability to explain and comprehend. The term “in Christ Jesus” is extremely important as just as there is no other heaven outside of Him, there is also no true peace outside of Jesus.

The secret to remaining free from obsession is to look at the Lord Jesus Christ and surrender everything to Him so that His peace can become a part of our lives for always.

Source: Khotbah Mini

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