Christian Sermons | Overcome Heartbreak

Christian Sermons | Overcome Heartbreak. One of the toughest experiences in life is the loss or death of a loved one. But as a believer death should be seen as something that is positive rather than negative. There are of course, many different ways of overcoming grief, depending on the individual, but let me share a few tips on how to overcome grief as a result of losing a loved one.

1. Know about life.

Nothing in this life is statis or eternal. There will be happiness and sadness, there is a time to be born and a time to die.

2. Accept the reality, facts and truths in life.

The faster someone accepts the reality of life, the faster and easier for him to revert to his original self. Conversely, without this acceptance of life’s reality, reverting to himself before the tragedy can be a much more difficult process or he may never be the same person again.

3. Be mentally ready.

Grief becomes unbearable when people are mentally unprepared. Oftentimes death whether it comes through illness, accidents, airplane crashes, shipwrecks, earthquakes, floods, fire, etc. Is such a shock to us because we are unprepared. We have to realize that death can come anytime whether we are old or young.

4. Be prepared to go through changes.

Especially in the case where the loved one is the sole breadwinner of the family. But do not be afraid or worried, because the one who takes care of us is our Heavenly Father. The Lord is a husband to the widow and father to the fatherless. If He takes good care of even the birds in the air, He will assuredly take care of us.

5. Realize that memories are what bring pain.

Memories, remembrances and thoughts of the departed loved one can bring on sadness and pain. After living with someone for years, it is undeniable that the past has imprinted itself in the hearts and minds of the persons left behind. The loved one’s face or manner of speech, laughter, kindness, attention, sacrifices and the physical things that he has left behind like clothings, shoes or favorite chair can all cause memories to surface, especially in the beginning when the grief is still raw.

6. Do not be obsessed by memories of the past.

One of the biggest sources of pain and suffering is when a person thinks too much about the past, when in fact the person who has passed does not exist in the past but has gone into eternity. The past is past and nobody can turn back time, it is best to let go of past memories in order to be spared from lingering and long, drawn out sadness.

7. Faith in Jesus causes resilience.

Jesus is our true love, that goes also for the one who has passed on. Everyone has been created by Him and He loves and takes care of everyone that He has created. If a person puts his faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit will help him in overcoming the grief in his heart because the loved one is in fact already with Him in heaven.

8. Time heals all wounds.

The calendar and the clock serve to teach us about time. With the passing of time our memories and remembrances of the departed one will fade. However we try to hold on to those memories, we find there is a limit to our minds to remember. Slowly our wounds will heal and the grief will lessen and eventually subside.

9. Get on with life.

A person gets hungry after a meal and will soon need to eat again. After a shower a person will need to shower again after accumulating grime and dirt on his body. After waking a person goes back to sleep again after a day of working and exhausting himself. And that is the way it must be. Life must and will go on continually until the day we go back to the Lord.

10. We will see them again.

Between believers, separation is temporary. We will meet again in a place far better and wonderful because over in heaven there will be no more deaths and separation.

We will have exceeding joy and happiness in eternity. God Bless

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